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Politicians and activist groups are playing a dangerous game with our water in South Florida.

They are lobbying the federal government’s Army Corps of Engineers to manage Lake Okeechobee in a manner that would be detrimental to our everyday way of life. Lake Okeechobee is the lifeblood of Florida’s water:

We’ve already suffered through the effects of the last time their reckless gamble failed. They pressured the government to dump millions of gallons of precious water from the lake and harmed South Florida in the process.

The rains did not come, and Lake Okeechobee did not have enough water as South Florida entered a drought. Lake Okeechobee could not hydrate the Everglades, which burned for days.


Now, as we continue our fight to protect water supplies for millions of Florida families and businesses, a new threat looms – toxic blue green algae.

For decades, plans have been drawn and redrawn to protect Florida’s water system. We need solutions now! We can’t wait any longer – Florida’s families deserve solutions to keep our water safe!

The good news is innovative solutions are finally being used to kill algae or prevent it from spreading before it threatens our families.

Let’s put innovation to work and fund solutions that are showing proven results now!

1. Bubble Curtains

also known as bubble barriers or bubble walls, are keep algae out of water bodies. Air emitters are placed on the water body floor while compressors supply the air that creates high-pressure bubble curtains.


Bubble Curtains could be the soution to the Cape Coral algae Problem

Bubble Curtain being used to keep out algae

2. Hydrogen peroxide

is a common, approved treatment for algae because of its natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

Does it work? Gov. DeSantis takes a look at pilot algae treatment in the Caloosahatchee

Mass algal suicide? There's a new weapon in fight against Florida's blue-green algae

Israeli scientists called in to stop toxic algae bloom in Florida lake

3. Other Solutions

Ultrasonic Waves:

Solar-powered buoys with ultrasound devices emit ultrasonic waves across the top layer of water impacting the buoyancy of algal cells that respond by sinking and eventually dying without the light needed to photosynthesize.

Advanced filtration and airation

technologies separate algae from the water.

Algaecide used to help with Pahokee Marina cleanup

Do your part! Report algae before it spreads: www.floridadep.gov/algalbloom